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These days, many folks are saying:

“I’m a bit paranoid and I use different email addresses on Discord, YouTube, Twitch, and TradingView. Also, I have a sub basement full of freeze-dried meat and booby traps on all my doors and windows.

Will I be able to add all of these accounts to my TradeTheTrigger.com account without issue while I await the end times?”

Rest Easy my friend, as Trade The Trigger uses your unique handle on all the streaming services to provide a connection to your account here on our site. Discord uses an authentication method that requires you to be logged in to the service already either on the web or in the app to connect to our site using tokens, this makes for a more secure connection and allows you to have different credentials while still connecting your accounts.

so “Prep-on our paranoid friend!”

If you are a Pro Trader user and are not seeing indicators that line up with the ones you are seeing on the show it is likely due to the fact that your chart is not set to show pre and post market. To fix this, while in a chart with your indicators please click on settings or right click on the chart and go to settings. then, under the symbols tab select “Extended Trading Hours” you may need to close and reopen the chart for the indicators to properly reflect this change.

Click the “Indicators” button, then navigate to the “Invite-only scripts” pane:

Cap covers this well in this quick clip from one of his Twitch streams!